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Vita Feed Gold 1lt

SKU: VA60501
Πασίγνωστο πλέον το αποτέλεσμα πολλών χρόνων έρευνας της VITA, είναι στη διάθεσή σας! Υγρή τροφή ενίσχυσης των μελισσών. Εμπλουτίζει το σιρόπι τροφοδοσίας και το κάνει να μοιάζει περισσότερο με το φυσικό νέκταρ κάνοντάς το πιο φιλικό με το εντερικό σύστημα της μέλισσας. Έτσι αυτές μπορούν να αντιμετωπίσουν μέσω του ίδιου τους του οργανισμού αλλά και να προφυλαχτούν από ασθένειες του εντερικού συστήματος. Στα πειραματικά μελίσσια που εφαρμόζεται χρόνια τώρα το Vita feed Gold δεν έχει ακόμα χαθεί αποικία από νοσεμίαση!
€48.00 excl tax
€59.52 incl tax

Fogger ANEL-FOGB Butane

SKU: AN60003B
Fight Varroa with the New Fogger by ANEL!
The new fogger by ANEL is the faster and most effective way to apply treatments!
The active substance in the form of fog can penetrate all the parts of hive ensuring the best application as well as the least residues left.
The duration of application needed is only around 4 seconds in each hive which means this is by far the fastest way than any other method used for treating beehives.
See it in action in the video tab!
Its' advantages are:
- No need for electrical power since it runs on gas (butane/propane bottle)
- Lightweight and small in size
- Easy to use (always with the appropriate mask)
- Reusable
- Uses simple means to create fog (glycerin, mineral oil or other organic oil like olive oil)
- Utilizes the active substance in its maximum
- Incomparable penetration
Due to the fact that chemical fog is released the use of an appropriate mask is strongly advised!
The use of the fogger must be done by responsible persons due to the gas bottle that it uses.
€193.60 excl tax
€218.77 incl tax

Blotting Paper 2,5*20cm (40 pieces)

SKU: BN10005
€1.20 excl tax
€1.49 incl tax

Blotting Paper 2,5*40cm (40 pieces)

SKU: BN10003
€2.40 excl tax
€2.98 incl tax

Blotting Paper 4*40cm (30 pieces)

SKU: BN10004
€2.40 excl tax
€2.98 incl tax

American Foulbrood Test

SKU: VA6030A
Tests for Foulbrood An unresolved problem of beekeeping: AMERICAN FOULBROOD! A nightmare nobody wants to share. Diagnose by yourself in a minute whether your hives suffer from the disease. Its use is similar that of pregnancy tests. Instructions included. We also offer test for European Foulbrood.
€10.00 excl tax
€12.40 incl tax

European Foulbrood Test

SKU: VA6030B
€10.00 excl tax
€12.40 incl tax

Butane-Propane GAS Bottle 220gr/400ml for Fogger ANEL-FOGB AN60003Β

SKU: EGZ00001
80% Butane & 20% Propane
220gr butane/propane
€2.23 excl tax
€2.77 incl tax

Butane-Propane GAS Bottle 330gr/600ml for Fogger ANEL-FOGB AN60003Β

SKU: EGZ00002
80% Butane & 20% Propane
330gr butane/propane

Wasp Trap ANEL for Yellow Jacket

SKU: AN60100
ANEL’s Insect Traps fight efficiently, economically and safely, pest insects on crops or at your home. Without poisons or glues. ANEL’s Insect Traps were first used successfully in mass combating pest insects in organic and non-organic crops. They cause physical drowning to the insects that capture so the use of insecticides is not required. Baits required are inexpensive, safe and some of them you can even prepare them yourself. They are made of highly durable recycled material and can be reused for many years. The traps meet all the EU standards for organic agricultural production (2092/91). TIP: For small yellow wasps orange juice is a good bait.
€2.45 excl tax
€3.04 incl tax

Top Cover for Wasp Trap ANEL for Yellow Jacket

SKU: AN60100-1
Σφηκοπαγίδας Δακοπαγίδας ANEL Καπάκι.
€1.44 excl tax
€1.79 incl tax

Pot for ANEL Wasp Trap

SKU: AN60100-2
€1.00 excl tax
€1.24 incl tax

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