The ANEL Plastic Insulated Beehive

After years of extensive experimenting for alternatives to the wooden beehives we are proud to introduce the ANEL plastic beehive. A product that is designed to solve many problems of beekeeping, to help beekeepers fight with a better weapon against the threats they face and additionally to offer even further advantages.

The ANEL beehive consists of a hard-shell outer plastic body made from high-quality food-grade polypropylene (PP) and an inner thick layer of polyurethane (PU) foam insulation. 




ANEL plastic insulate beehive


The ANEL beehive

The ANEL plastic beehive is Standard Langstroth type (as used in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, etc).

Key advantages:

  • Bee-Friendly and Beekeeper-Friendly.
  • Maintenance Free: No need for maintenance. Ready to be put in the apiary after you buy it - no need for painting and preparation. Save money from materials and working hours!
  • Long Lasting: Our company provides 10-year warranty.
  • Perfect for Professional Use: Incomparable durability and weight support (over 500kg).
  • Despite their outstanding durability, they are notably light. They will not deform, will not decay, will not crack, will not hold any water.
  • Chemicals (like caustic potash, oxalic acid, formic acid, chlorine etc.) will not corrode them.
  • Hard-shell outer body by high quality polypropylene (PP) plastic and powerful polyurethane (PU) insulation of high density inside the hive cover and hive body. Polyurethane is inserted as liquid in the body and then expands into a thick layer of foam (same technology as your fridge!). The insulation keeps the bees warm during the winter and cool during the summer, helping them to maintain their desired micro-climate in their hives more easily, without stress and without great energy expenditure! In order to have the same level of insulation with wood you need 7cm thickness.
  • All parts can be combined with your Langstroth wooden hives and material.
  • All parts that come in contact with the bees and their products are from high quality 100% new and virgin food grade plastic. Learn more about the specification of our plastics here.

specifications of ANEL plastic products

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The beehive parts


Top cover

Two types: regular and deep.

Colors: grey and white.

ANEL beehive top cover features insulation



  • Anti-slippery surface.
  • Insulated with powerful PU (polyurethane foam) insulation - It provides the same insulation as 7cm wood.
  • Weighs only 1,8kg.
  • Water run-off.
  • It replaces the inner cover and creates space for a top feeder.
  • Jagged surface for securing the hive on top of them during transportation.
  • Inclined surface on the top to avoid the concentration of mud and water.
  • Equipped with the famous ANEL entrance/ventilation and feeding hybrid plugs. Open or close them at will! Combine them with a top feeder or turn them into new entrances or ventilations for the hive.

Cut top cover to reveal PU insulation


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Hive bodies (brood chamber and super)

Two types: 1/1 brood-chamber size and 3/4 honey-chamber super.

Colors: white, yellow, blue, green and grey.

All ANEL hive bodies and colors



  • Insulated with powerful PU (polyurethane foam) insulation - It provides the same insulation as 7cm wood.
  • With 2 recessed and 2 external grips for easy and ergonomic lifting, placed in the front and back in order to facilitate the hive transfer.
  • Anti-slippery surface in the top and bottom.
  • Weighs only 3.3 Kg.
  • Can be combined with Langstroth wooden beehives.
  • Can be equipped or preordered with ventilation/entrance hybrid plugs. Drill holes in any place you like to apply them.
  • Can be equipped or preordered with all kind of fasteners, even the adjustable ones.
  • Can be marked with a branding iron very easily and your mark CANNOT be tampered with.

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Bottom board

Two models: Ventilated (Anti-Varroa) and Classic (Non-ventilated or Closed).

Colors: brown and white.

All ANEL bottom boards and colors

Our customers have known the value of ANEL’s mobile bottom boards for hives since 1999 when ANEL’s sealed and ventilated bottom boards were first released (back in 1999 we called them ANTI-VARROA bases because they helped combat varroa mites and acariosis).


  • Two independent entrances.
  • Adjustable / wire clips can be fitted.
  • Non-slip bases made of hard rubber to prevent sliding during transport.
  • 5 stabilization points on the base so that stress is not put on the clips.
  • Large gaps to ensure no blockages by bee excreta.
  • Doors can be secured into transport position or in safety position to protect against wasps, mice, etc. using a smart clip (for which ANEL has registered a Utility Model Certificate). Available in a range yellow and blue.

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Pollen collection system

Two types: SET of pollen collectors for ANEL bottom boards and Entrance pollen collector BIG GUY.

With ANEL’s patented pollen collection system turn you hives at any time into efficient pollen collectors.

All ANEL pollen collectors


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Wooden vs plastic beehives

Why go plastic? Apart from all the above advantages here are some results from experiments we conducted.

Comparison of temperature resistance between a wooden hive body and an ANEL hive body:

Wooden VS Plastic Hive Body temperature resistance experiment


Experiment wooden vs plastic hive temperature chart


Here is an IN VIVO experiment as well where we compare the temperatures in a hive with wooden cover and a hive with an ANEL plastic insulated hive cover. Measurements were taken during summer days in hives with equally strong bee colonies inside them.

wooden vs plastic hive covers

Bees forced to come out of the wooden hive due to the summer day high temperatures

Bees forced to come out of the wooden hive due to the summer day high temperatures.


More ANEL hive accessories and equipment

Apart from our hives we offer a wide range of more innovative plastic equipment like our feeders, queen excluders, propolis collection screens which can be combined with ANEL plastic hives are any other Langstroth and Dadant hives. Browse our e-shop to see more of our equipment!

More ANEL beekeeping accessories

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