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Honey gate ΙΝΟΧ GREEK 1 1/2 "

SKU: PO55805
€22.50 excl tax
€27.90 incl tax

Honey Gate Plastic Eco 1 1/2"

SKU: BS55804
A budget plastic honey gate.
€8.68 incl tax
€5.80 excl tax
€7.19 incl tax Discount: 17.10%

Honey Gate Plastic Eco 1 1/2"

SKU: PO55804
Ελληνικής κατασκευής οικονομική κάνουλα συσκευασίας.
€6.90 excl tax
€8.56 incl tax

Honey gate Plastic Precision 1 1/2 "

SKU: TS55801
Made of food grade, high strength plastic material. It blocks honey efficiently leaving very little “hair”. Recommended for those who package honey frequently. Features a hidden screw allowing tightening even after years of use that may have “loosened” the tap. The screw is also used as a lock (not allowing opening by small children, etc.). No rubber and destructible surfaces. This tap will not drip. Be on alert for imitations! There are almost identical copies on the market. But the quality of materials used for so many years and our small “construction secrets”, guarantee that with our original tap models you will never be losing honey, and that they will operate trouble-free for years. This is guaranteed by our many years of marketing and experience.
€29.00 excl tax
€35.96 incl tax

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