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Table Electronic Conductivity Meter

SKU: JL60002
Αγωγιμόμετρο Ηλεκτρονικό Επιτραπέζιο.
€300.00 excl tax
€372.00 incl tax

Handheld electronic conductivity meter

SKU: JL60001
With this useful tool you can separate flower honey from honey from melliferous trees by measuring the electrical conductivity of liquids. As the above kinds of honey have a different electrical conductivity, one can identify them through this measurement. Very simple to use, requires no special knowledge. The device comes with complete instructions for quick and easy use. You can also measure the salt content in the water you drink or use to water your plants.
€38.85 excl tax
€48.17 incl tax
Not available

Liquid for Calibration of Handheld Electronic Conductivity Meter 30ml; Conductivity Standard 1.4 mS/cm

SKU: HG60001ST
Αγωγιμόμετρου Ηλεκτρονικού Υγρό για Ρύθμιση 30ml / Conductivity Standard 1.4 mS/cm.
€1.79 excl tax
€2.22 incl tax

Precision scale

SKU: JL60009WC2
Accuracy +/- 0.01 gr. Maximum weight: 200gr.
€22.00 excl tax
€27.28 incl tax

pH meter

SKU: JL60005PH
Used to determine the origin of honey. It requires special knowledge to be used and to utilize its information. Into the plastic tank that we supply with the device we put 5gr of honey (first line) and 38gr of water (second line). At room temperature (20°C) we mix lightly until the honey is dissolved and place the mixture in a glass. We then sink the electrode of the device into it and we get the pH measurement.
€38.85 excl tax
€48.17 incl tax

Refractometer Moisture meter Digital for all Liquids

SKU: JL60004
This digital refractometer can automatically set up the temperature differences between a range from 5°C to 40°C. It is recommended to leave the instrument and the liquid in the same environment for some time. The devise is equipped with an automatic correction system for the difference in temperature. It is better to take a reading several days in a row for better results and accuracy. It is also better to maintain a 20°C environment and use distilled water at the same temperature for the calibration.
€300.00 excl tax
€372.00 incl tax

Refractometer Moisture meter Handheld for Honey Νο90

SKU: JL60003H
With this instrument you can measure the humidity of honey with precision. A refractometer calculates the humidity in honey through measurement of the refractive index. The honey must be liquid (not crystallized). Very simple to use: Put a drop on the refractometer and the reading corresponds to the percentage of humidity.
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