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Set for Uncapping and Capping elaboration Pro Supreme

SKU: PY60030ST
Set Απολεπισμού – Στίψης Pro Supreme.

Uncapping Machine Automatic Pro Supreme (Up to 9F/min)

SKU: PY60020
For large scale, professional beekeeping. A machine for demanding use. Includes an automatic feeder that holds five frames. With two heated knives (heating system not included). Productivity : up to 8 frames per minute.

Uncapping Machine Pro Supreme Base to be Paired with A Screw Press Unassembled

SKU: PY60031
Απολεπιστηρίου Αυτόματου Pro Supreme Βάση Στήριξης Ανοιχτή για Κοχλία.

Uncapping Machine's Heating and Circulation Unit 220V

SKU: AN60050
This unit heats water or paraflou and puts it into circulation. With 2000Kw resistance, temperature controller and pump; heating for uncapping machine knives could not be any more efficient.

Uncapping Machines Heating and Circulation Unit Open Circulation 220V

SKU: PY6004
Απολεπιστηρίου Μονάδα Θέρμανσης και Κυκλοφορίας Ζεστού Υγρού F.

Uncapping Machine Pro Supreme Base to be Paired with A Screw Press Welded

SKU: AN60030
Open-type base for automatic uncapping machine. Stainless steel rugged construction. Ideal for supporting uncapping machines. Bucket not included.

Uncapping Tank Ama Light

Μικρός πάγκος απολεπισμού διαστάσεων 60*40*21. Κατασκευασμένος από πλαστικό κατάλληλο για τρόφιμα, με σίτα αποστράγγισης των απολεπισμάτων και πλαστική κάνουλα.
€45.00 excl tax
€55.81 incl tax

Uncapping Fork-Scraper with Wooden Handle SMALL

SKU: BS60103
€6.00 excl tax
€7.44 incl tax

Uncapping roller

SKU: CN60131
€8.00 excl tax
€9.92 incl tax

Uncapping fork Ama with Plastic Handle

SKU: MK60102
€6.80 excl tax
€8.43 incl tax

Uncapping knife Serrated Eco

SKU: BS60101
A good and sturdy knife from stainless steel. Blade length 28cm, width 4,5cm. With plastic handle.
€5.50 excl tax
€6.82 incl tax

Uncapping roller metal

SKU: BS60132
A very smart idea! Roll the roller on the honeycomb and the needles will “open” the cells and then you can extract the honey in the honey extractor.
€6.10 excl tax
€7.56 incl tax
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