Royal Jelly Extracting

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Royal Jelly Harvesting Pump

SKU: AN65400
This professional royal jelly pump will make the collection of royal jelly easier and faster. It creates a vacuum in the container which is connected to the royal jelly suction pipe. Inside the container you put the smaller container where the jelly is collected. • Stainless steel. • Comes in its own case can be used in the field! • Flexible and non-collapsible hose in order to create maximum vacuum inside in the stainless steel container. Made of food grade material. • It comes with a complete set of instructions. • Operates with 220 V and 12 V and has a transformer and a pump protection. It can also be used to embed wax foundation on the wire of the frames. Made in Italy. The device is covered by a one year guarantee from the date of purchase and when properly used.
€282.00 excl tax
€349.68 incl tax