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Plastic Frame End Bars ANEL 9 1/8'' PS Langstroth Hoffman SET of 2 pieces, HARD, GREY for wire

SKU: AN51573
Frames that DO NOT WARP, “SAG”, or OPEN UP. The end bars can also be bought separately. Enable you to build your own frames. Simply attach the two end bars to the top and bottom slats (which can be built easily with simple woodworking tools). A revolutionary product. It can be used with just about any foundation and in conjunction with any type of frame. They are made from a very durable plastic. The plastic prevents pests and fungus to form and grow. No rot can destroy them and they are the heat resistant. During the life of the frames you will change the wooden parts many times, but our plastic frame ends will remain good as new. Available in two types: a) Cn.3530 made by ABS resin with better mechanical and thermal resistance and b) Cn. 3540 P/S made by P/S resin that makes them less expensive and with acceptable characteristics.
€0.66 excl tax
€0.82 incl tax

Frame with Plastic Frame End Bars ANEL wired 9 1 / 8 '' ABS Langstroth

SKU: AN51575ST
€1.72 excl tax
€2.13 incl tax

Wooden Frame Assembled w/holes 9 1/8 '' Langstroth

SKU: PU51650
Made from Pine tree or tilia tree. With four holes in each end bar for passing the wire and the foundation
€0.66 excl tax
€0.82 incl tax

Wooden Frame Wired with Wax Foundation 9 1/8'' Langstroth

SKU: ON51651ST
€2.18 excl tax
€2.70 incl tax

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