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Beehive transport trolley Eco

SKU: KK65010
Αξιόλογη εκδοχή για τη μεταφορά κυψελών.
€84.52 excl tax
€104.80 incl tax

Beehive transport trolley

SKU: PO65021
A good choice for transporting hives.
€106.00 excl tax
€131.44 incl tax

Beehive transport trolley Pro

SKU: TS65020
For flat surfaces. The handles are independent. Securing of the hives at the bottom and the sides, providing stability during transport.
€446.16 excl tax
€553.24 incl tax

Beehive carrier transport Lift

SKU: TS65021
Simple and easy to use. It can be used by one or two persons simultaneously.
€75.32 excl tax
€93.40 incl tax

Bonapi Standard

SKU: IZ65051
Self-propelled vehicle for lifting and transporting hives. During lifting, a piston automatically tightens the lids of the hives so that that there is no risk of overturning even in rough terrain. Can be loaded on a flatbed truck (using 2 loading bridges attached to the vehicle). Operation is done with servo motors so that you do not need to use your feet; all control is done by hand. Includes platform. It can transport hives, containers, honey barrels and other materials. Its low centre of gravity, its compact size and its driving position make it extremely stable on all types of ground. It does not skid. Speed and motion are safely controlled. • Compact and light: length 1.75m, width 1.20m, weight 600kg • Can lift 250kg on uneven ground, 350kg on flat ground. • Maximum lifting height: 1.80m • Diesel engine 13HP with automatic ignition. • Power steering. • Hydrostatic transmission and breaks. • No pedals or gear box • Thanks to its hydraulics, it is very accurate • The platform on the back allows the operator great freedom – but, for safety, it stops automatically if he/she lets go of the lever. • Sold with 320kg tank. • Automatic holding device to transport hives safely. Modern technology solves the problem of transport! Invest in transportation. Think of the stress of your body during moving of materials and think of your back!
€23515.00 excl tax
€29158.60 incl tax

Easy Loader

SKU: IZ65060
The ultimate professional lift for hives. Suitable for any truck or trailer. The Easy Loader can be installed on any kind of truck or trailer. It is powered by a car battery. It takes up 25cm of space, with a height of 1.45m and weighs only 240kg. Due to its innovative horizontal working position, it operates on any kind of ground without additional effort. It can lift 125kg which means it can take two hives at the same time. It has a robust electric motor for long and continuous operation via simple “up” and “down” buttons located on the frame. The grasping hooks are adjusted to fit the height and width of a hive.
€12680.00 excl tax
€15723.20 incl tax

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