Manual Wax Foundation Machines

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Honeycomb Wax Foundation Machine Manual Water-Cooled

SKU: AN70001
A perfect way to create YOUR OWN foundation sheets with YOUR wax! Especially useful in remote areas without access to electricity and honeycomb manufacturing machinery. No electricity is required. To operate only requires a small amount of tap water (which can be recycled through a small tank). Very simple to operate and fast. Produces 60-120 foundation sheets ready for use per hour. It uses no-stick rubber with hexagons so that the sheet is preprinted. It is water cooled, and the entire metal construction is of stainless steel. Does not require soap or other lubricant on the rubber; wax does not stick on this type of silicone. Pour melted wax in the molds, close the lid, wait 10 to 20 seconds (depending on the water and wax temperature), open the lid and remove honeycomb by hand, ready for use or storage. A small investment that will reward you financially and qualitatively. Why not? You can as well produce honeycombs for others in their presence!
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