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Screw in latch supporting the transportation door 20x40

SKU: PO51822
Για συγκράτηση της ξύλινης πόρτας της κυψέλης.
€0.15 excl tax
€0.19 incl tax

Clamping ring for Gas Tube

SKU: PH10505
Provides excellent fit of the food pipe to connections. Industrial material.
€0.75 excl tax
€0.93 incl tax

Uncapping fork Ama with Plastic Handle

SKU: BS60102
For amateur use. Inexpensive model with stainless steel needles and ergonomic plastic handle.
€1.25 excl tax
€1.55 incl tax

Wire Crimper Red

SKU: BS50200
Helps in stretching the wire that holds the honeycomb on the frame. Use it after you have applied the wire on the frame if it seems loose. Ideal for frames that we have removed the old honeycombs from and the wires need stretching again. Just press the wire inside the two wheels of the tool and drag it along all the way. This will form ripples on the wire and stretch it. You don’t have too stretch it too much. TIP: The wire is stretched enough if you can hear the sound of the guitar when tapping it with your finger.
€1.55 excl tax
€1.92 incl tax

LPG Hose Φ8 13

SKU: PH10504
Ιδανικός για τη σύνδεση της πυροσφραγίδας ANEL με τη μποτίλια υγραερίου. Πιστοποιημένο λάστιχο τροφοδοσίας υγραερίου. Η χρήση εύφλεκτων αερίων απαιτεί τα σωστά εργαλεία.
€1.70 excl tax
€2.11 incl tax

Uncapping roller Eco small

SKU: BS60131
The low-budget model, in small size. A very smart idea! Roll the roller on the honeycomb and the needles will “open” the cells and then you can extract the honey in the honey extractor.
€2.50 excl tax
€3.10 incl tax

Uncapping Fork-Scraper with Wooden Handle SMALL

SKU: BS60103
€4.00 excl tax
€4.96 incl tax

Manual Wire Embedder

SKU: PO50310
Αρμοστήρας Χειροκίνητος.
€4.06 excl tax
€5.03 incl tax

Capping Drying Screen Bag for the Honey Extractors

SKU: BS60045
Put your cappings inside the capping drying screen bag and put it inside your honey extractor from its holders. Start the centrifugation and your cappings will dry of honey, escaping the screen of the bag.
€4.50 excl tax
€5.58 incl tax

Uncapping Fork-Scraper DOUBLE with Wooden Handle

SKU: BS60105
€4.50 excl tax
€5.58 incl tax

Beekeeping wire soft (coil) 1 Kg roll

SKU: PO50120
For easy unwinding you can place the coil on an inverted pot or bucket.
€4.59 excl tax
€5.69 incl tax

Spool wire holder Rectangular

SKU: AN50005
Simple and effective! Without mechanisms that could create trouble. Can accommodate most of wire spools.
€4.80 excl tax
€5.95 incl tax