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Rivets Eyelets Pro 4x10 mm package 1000 pcs

SKU: PZ50301
Placed in the holes of the frame through which the wire passes so that the wood is not damaged. Due to stretching and the weight of the honeycomb the wire tends to penetrate into the wood; thus, the wire loosens and the honeycomb is destroyed.
€4.50 excl tax
€5.58 incl tax

Set for Uncapping and Capping elaboration Pro Supreme

SKU: PY60030ST
Set Απολεπισμού – Στίψης Pro Supreme.

Holder for Draining of Honey Containers 3m

SKU: AN55257
Στατήρας Εκκένωσης Δοχείων 3μ.
€3185.00 excl tax
€3949.40 incl tax

Wax and mold release agent 5 Lt

SKU: RE70200
Dilute 2-3 ml of the product in 1 Lt of water and apply to the desired surfaces before you pour the melted wax. This liquid is best in making impossible for the wax to stick on the surfaces. Suited for use in automatic honeycomb makers.
€210.00 excl tax
€260.40 incl tax

Automatic Uncapping Machine K with bench 1,5m

SKU: KGT6001,5m-ST
Διαθέτει μονάδα παραγωγής και κυκλοφορίας ζεστού υγρού (η θερμοκρασία προσαρμόζεται αλλά βάση εμπειρίας, η ιδανική θερμοκρασία είναι ~55οC). Με 2 διακόπτες θέσης πλαισίων (προς τα μαχαίρια και αντιστροφής) Με ρυθμιζόμενη κοπή μαχαιριών Κίνηση: 12 V ή 230 V με κινητήρα Ισχύς: 1300 W Βάρος: 85 kg

Uncapping Machine Automatic Pro Supreme (Up to 9F/min)

SKU: PY60020
For large scale, professional beekeeping. A machine for demanding use. Includes an automatic feeder that holds five frames. With two heated knives (heating system not included). Productivity : up to 8 frames per minute.

Uncapping Machine Pro Supreme Base to be Paired with A Screw Press Unassembled

SKU: PY60031
Απολεπιστηρίου Αυτόματου Pro Supreme Βάση Στήριξης Ανοιχτή για Κοχλία.

Uncapping Machine's Heating and Circulation Unit 220V

SKU: AN60050
This unit heats water or paraflou and puts it into circulation. With 2000Kw resistance, temperature controller and pump; heating for uncapping machine knives could not be any more efficient.

Uncapping Machines Heating and Circulation Unit Open Circulation 220V

SKU: PY6004
Απολεπιστηρίου Μονάδα Θέρμανσης και Κυκλοφορίας Ζεστού Υγρού F.

Wire Embedder Electric 12V

SKU: PI50310
The transformer changes the common 220V household current to 14V. Simply place the terminals at the ends of the wire, and the wire will heat up automatically. The wax will be attached on the wire and you simply have to apply it with your hand. • TIP: It would be helpful to place the frame horizontally, over a flat non-flammable plate smaller in size than the inside of the frame, so that it is in contact with the wire. Thus, the artificial sheet will not be damaged due to excessive heating (it could melt and tear), and you can apply enough pressure with your hand! The transformer is not waterproof. It should not be in contact with water.
€16.44 excl tax
€20.39 incl tax

Manual Wire Embedder

SKU: YW50310-1
€3.00 excl tax
€3.72 incl tax

Automatic Uncapping and Honey Extracting Line K

Αυτόματη γραμμή απολεπισμού και εξαγωγής μελιού 60 πλαισίων από την Konigin.