Motorized Hive Transportation

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Bonapi 500

SKU: IZ65052
Bonapi 500, created and developed by a beekeeper for beekeeping. Reliable, versatile and easy to drive, Bonapi 500 has been designed to transport and lift beehives or barrels of honey while being transportable on a Pick-up. Handy and very stable, it can be used in your honey house as well as in your apiary. Ideal for heavy loads, the new Bonapi 500 can handle drums up to 500 kg. The empty weight is practically unchanged at around 600 kg, the width remains at 1.20 m, but the length increases from 1.80 m to 2.15 m. Bonapi 500 is distinguished by its low center of gravity, its independent rear wheels which give it great stability and grip on any type of terrain.

Easy Loader

SKU: IZ65060
The ultimate professional lift for hives. Suitable for any truck or trailer. The Easy Loader can be installed on any kind of truck or trailer. It is powered by a car battery. It takes up 25cm of space, with a height of 1.45m and weighs only 240kg. Due to its innovative horizontal working position, it operates on any kind of ground without additional effort. It can lift 125kg which means it can take two hives at the same time. It has a robust electric motor for long and continuous operation via simple “up” and “down” buttons located on the frame. The grasping hooks are adjusted to fit the height and width of a hive.

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