Nicot Automatic Queen Rearing System

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Queen Breeding System N - Support for Artificial Cell Cups

SKU: IZ65202
Here you can attach the artificial cells. If you want to perform bee queen rearing, you will find them useful because they are snapped onto the queen cells protectors ref.IZ65204 .
€0.26 excl tax
€0.32 incl tax

Queen Breeding System N - Queen Cell Protector

SKU: IZ65204
Very useful for queen production. Snaps on the artificial cells' base ref.IZ65202 with the queen cell and after it is sealed by the worker bees it can be isolated by closing the lid. Thus, in a hive where we have more than one queen cells, there is no danger of a queen escaping and attacking the others.
€0.20 excl tax
€0.25 incl tax

Queen Breeding System N - Laying Egg Unit

SKU: IZ65200
Place the queen into the apparatus from the specific entrance points. The queen will give birth in the artificial cells which you can remove from the back side of the device the following day. You can repeat as many times as you want. You can add frames from other colonies in the hive to maintain its population. The device is equipped with a queen excluder lid so that the worker bees can attend to the queen while she is unable to escape. Consists of: 1. Tray with connectors to the artificial cells 2. Front lid with the queen excluder 3. Back cover with the insertion port for the queen Artificial cells not included, should be ordered separately. The apparatus capacity is 110 artificial cells.
€20.61 excl tax
€25.56 incl tax

Queen Breeding System N - Queen Cells Plastic (100 pcs)

SKU: IZ65201
Appropriate artificial cells for the bee queen rearing device. Before their first use put them into a hive to absorb the smell of the bees. Set of 100 pieces.
€3.26 excl tax
€4.04 incl tax

Queen Breeding System N - Support for Base Plug Male

SKU: IZ65203
Nail under the top slat of the frame and create a fixed location to temporarily snap artificial cells bases ref.IZ65202.
€0.26 excl tax
€0.32 incl tax

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