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Pollen Ceaner Pro

SKU: KGT57151
Easy to use and very efficient pollen cleaner. Powered by 230V
€1150.00 excl tax
€1426.00 incl tax

Pollen cleaner Pro Supreme

SKU: TS57153
One of the most reliable pollen processing equipment worldwide. Separates pollen from foreign matter in three ways: vibration, air flow and passage through stainless steel screens. Cleans pollen from foreign matter to a purity of up to 95%. Completely automatic. Works with dry and fresh pollen.
100% stainless steel high-yield machine intended for professional apiarists. Capacity variable from 50 kg to more than 100 kg/hour.
Single phase 220 V - 110 W.
Deluxe hopper containing expanded pollen, with an improved hopper outlet size. Benefit: optimisation of the quantity of pollen loaded and optimistation of the infeed flow of the pollen on the mobile sieve trays.
Improved waste disposal duct. Benefit: more efficient waste disposal.
Addition of a water discharge outlet beneath the pollen sorter. Benefit: avoids the retention of water during cleaning. Easier cleaning.

Pollen cleaner Ama wooden

SKU: CN57151
Separates pollen from foreign matter. Pollen is falling through a screen inside the machine. A stainless steel diaphragm and the airflow generated by fans, separates pollen from legs, wings and other foreign matter. Thus, unwanted matter and pollen are heading for different ways. It can process up to 200 kg/day. Dimensions 74*32*70cm Weight 2kg Power 220V, 80W
€350.00 excl tax
€434.00 incl tax

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