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Swarm Attractant Ampoules (pack of 5pcs)

SKU: IZ66030
Αμπούλες που χρησιμοποιούνται κατά τη δύσκολη περίοδο των αφεσμών, προκειμένου να προσελκύσουν το σμήνος που διαφεύγει.
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€18.35 incl tax

Swarm attractant spray THOMAS 200 ml

SKU: TS66021-1
€10.00 excl tax
€12.40 incl tax
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Swarm Lure Spray Abejar 300ml

SKU: KSS66020
One of the most effective ways to collect swarms. Simply spray where you want them to gather. Lasts up to 8 days
€6.49 excl tax
€8.05 incl tax
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Swarm attractant paste Abejar 100 gr

SKU: KSS66021
Concentrate mixture with melissa. It works extremely well.
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€2.95 incl tax
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