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NEOPOL Feed 1kg

SKU: ZN30710
€3.33 excl tax
€3.53 incl tax

Apifonda Beefood 2,5kg

SKU: KS30710
€4.85 excl tax
€5.48 incl tax

Bee Food Vanilla 2kg

SKU: KP30710
€3.60 excl tax
€3.82 incl tax

CANDIO Pack of 1Kg

SKU: PA30681
Ελληνική συνταγή εξαιρετικής απόδοσης. Έχει μηδενικό HMF.
€1.60 excl tax
€1.70 incl tax

Bee Food with Pollen 1,5 kg

SKU: XP30722
€2.97 excl tax
€3.15 incl tax

Pollen substitute ANEL 450gr

SKU: AN30686
Ideal protein source when there is a shortage in nature. Stimulates the queen to continue to give birth. TIP: Beehives around melliferous pine and fir usually suffer from a lack of pollen. ANEL's pollen substitute fixes the problem!
€1.85 excl tax
€1.96 incl tax

Apinvert Syrup 28 kg

SKU: SY30102
Apifonda - Apinvert A world renowned bee feed in liquid and solid form. The solid (Apifonda) is appropriate for winter, and the liquid (Apinvert) for feeds from spring until autumn. Its composition makes colonies more active, more willing to build.
€38.88 excl tax
€43.93 incl tax

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