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Ελληνικής κατασκευής οικονομική κάνουλα συσκευασίας.

Ελληνικής κατασκευής οικονομική κάνουλα συσκευασίας.

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Beehive Fasteners Galvanized Wire type V shaped large

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A very simple way of fastening hives. They are applied very easily, with only three screws. Ideal for wooden mobile bottom boards, since they apply on the sides and not on the front and the back. Galvanized for high corrosion resistance.
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Organic Wax Foundations (pack of 20 sheets) - price of 1 sheet

Βιολογικές κηρήθρες με πιστοποιητικό. Για όσους ασκούν την βιολογική μελισσοκομία. Ρωτήστε μας για διαθεσιμότητα και χρόνο παραγγελίας.
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Honey Tank ΙΝΟΧ 300 lt ( 420 Kg )

SKU: BF55607
The honey storage tanks we supply are built by the “robot-TIG” method; there are no corners or recesses anywhere in the containers, and thus no points for microbial concentration. You can order them with assembled stainless steel base suitable for supporting storage tanks. The tanks are means of honey storage and not machines. The only energy that is used is the human so based on the present community direction the tanks are not included to the products that required CE certification but only a suitability certification for food storage which we provide. Because the tanks are built from stainless steel “304” no chlorine or acid must be used during cleaning because their surface can get blurred. To clean the tanks you can use soap and hot water. The stainless steel female connection of the tank has diameter 1 ½''. They come with a lid and plastic handle.
€158.74 excl tax
€196.84 incl tax