SKU: BN10003
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Dimensions (Package): 44.00 x 23.00 x 22.00 cm
Dimensions (Item): 40,00 x 02,50 x 00,20 cm
Weight: 700.00 g
Items / Package: 25
€2.40 excl tax
€2.98 incl tax
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A simple and easy to use division feeder. Inside there are special indentations for the bees to easily climb up but it is recommended to use some kind of floating material (wood etc) for avoiding the drowning of bees. In order to refill it you have to empty it of bees. The solid internal structure averts deformation when filling the feeder.
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Grafting tool Plastic with Piston

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A simple and very inexpensive device and at the same time extremely effective. The soft point will allow you take the larva with ease and the pushing mechanism to leave it in the artificial cell.
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Blotting Paper 4*40cm (30 pieces)

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