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The traditional stick to pick honey from a vase now and INOX.
The traditional stick to pick honey from a vase now and INOX.
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Queen Excluder Injected With Two Entrances Plastic PP ANEL

SKU: AN51401C

Queen Excluder Injected with Two Entrances Plastic PP ANEL

Item Description: Queen Excluder with Two Entrances protected from wasps, Perimetric frame, Partitions for combination with vertical dividers for multiple colonies or other uses.

Properties - Uses:

It is used like all queen excluders interposed between the brood-chamber and the honey-chambers.

The doors open and close at will and you can have them applied to the hives during transport.

The perimetric frame makes it possible to use it as a double queen excluder by placing a single excluder on top of it.

Internal partitions offer a guide to be combined with vertical dividers to confine the queen even within a frame in order to:

· Treat (e.g. for Varroa) in a controlled brood environment.

· Limit the brood before flowering.

· Multiply colonies.

· Combine it with a common excluder in the upper part to turn into a double excluder. So, you have one queen up and one on the bottom.

· Combine it with a common excluder for multiplication: In this case you do the same thing as the vertical divider, but you put the entrances of the excluder facing the opposite side from the doors of the brood-chamber.

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Swarm Attractant Wipe Allure 1 piece

SKU: AN66044
*For distribution outside of Greece and Cyprus please see *
The new Swarm Attractant Wipes of the Allure Series from ANEL! An ideal solution in the difficult period of swarming! You can just open a hole in the top of the package (where it is marked) and hang it in a branch of a tree near or wherever you want to lure the swarm. Alternatively you can place the wipes inside an empty hive on top of the frames.
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For distribution outside of Greece and Cyprus see

Royal Jelly Harvesting Spoon

SKU: YW65450
With soft edge for collection on one end and spoon to extract larvae on the other.
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