Σταγονόμετρο Φιαλιδίου φ18 h43

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Σταγονόμετρο Φιαλιδίου φ18 h43.
Σταγονόμετρο Φιαλιδίου φ18 h43.
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Φιαλίδια για να τοποθετήσετε υγρά, όπως βάμμα πρόπολης σε διάφορες χωρητικότητες.
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Division feeder with floaters ANEL 3kg Langstroth

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In the 1970s, Mr. Emmanuel Pantelakis, founder of ANEL, designed and built this revolutionary type feeder. This invention has received a Silver Award from APIMONDIA. The only feeder that fills from bottom to top. There is no need to empty it of bees before filling it. • Special plastic floaters, right and left, protect the bees from drowning. • The inner walls have indentations to allow the bees to easily climb up. • Ideal for feeding in hives where queen rearing is applied. TIP: In winter you can use it to narrow the space available to the bees and insulate the colony from the side.
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Queen Breeding System N - Support for Artificial Cell Cups

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Here you can attach the artificial cells. If you want to perform bee queen rearing, you will find them useful because they are snapped onto the queen cells protectors ref.IZ65204 .
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