SKU: PD60551ST
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Dimensions (Package): 12.00 x 12.00 x 8.00 cm
Dimensions (Item): 12x12x8 cm
Weight: 340.00 g
Items / Package: 1
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€19.58 incl tax
Κρυσταλλική θυμόλη.
Κρυσταλλική θυμόλη.
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Frame Foundation for Deep Hive Body H23,1mm (~9 1/8'' Langstroth Hoffman) All Plastic ANEL PS Unwaxed cell d5.6mm

SKU: AN51661PS
A plastic frame with integrated plastic foundation with perfectly printed hexagons (5,6 mm). No wiring or riveting necessary. Resistant to wax moths. It does not get unfastened or loose and does not “sag”. You can use higher speeds in the honey extractor without destroying the comb (especially useful for thick honey types such as fir). All ANEL plastic frames are available waxed or unwaxed. If you want to wax ANEL frames yourself you can either dip them in molten wax (temperature 60-70⁰C) or wax them using a roll dipped into molten wax. TIP: The ANEL frames can be disinfected in a solution of caustic potash 5% at 80⁰C.
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Cone for Wasp - Asian Hornet Trap ANEL

SKU: AN60110-K
Use the ANEL plastic cone to make a trap for wasps such as hornets, Asian wasps, and other species. It can be adapted to a plastic queen excluder, a PVC inner cover or any other surface such as wood. Watch the video on the next tab for instructions on making the trap.
€1.30 excl tax
€1.61 incl tax

ANEL BeeHive ID for Use with Any Beehive



ANEL Bee ID for External Use in a Hive

Download the app

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  • Offers digital identification to your cells.
  • It is built into the ANEL caps.
  • Can be purchased individually and used for your old hives as well.
  1. Remove the sticker on the back,
  2. Gather it in whatever part of the hive serves you,
  3. Fix it with a screw in the center.

Go to the website and register now:

€2.50 excl tax
€3.10 incl tax