Jacket with Veil Pro Supreme L

SKU: SY8000
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Dimensions (Package): 33.00 x 35.00 x 6.00 cm
Weight: 0.85 Kg
Items / Package: 1
€65.00 excl tax
€80.60 incl tax
In stock M, L, XL, XXL
Από βαμβακερό-πολυεστερικό ύφασμα σε τέτοια αναλογία ώστε κάνουν το μπουφάν δροσερό (λόγω του βαμβακερού) και ανθεκτικό (λόγω του πολυεστερικού).
Από βαμβακερό-πολυεστερικό ύφασμα σε τέτοια αναλογία ώστε κάνουν το μπουφάν δροσερό (λόγω του βαμβακερού) και ανθεκτικό (λόγω του πολυεστερικού).
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Division feeder Eco ANEL (without floaters) 1,5kg Langstroth Dadant

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A simple and easy to use division feeder. Inside there are special indentations for the bees to easily climb up but it is recommended to use some kind of floating material (wood etc) for avoiding the drowning of bees. In order to refill it you have to empty it of bees. The solid internal structure averts deformation when filling the feeder.
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Beehive Legs Vrahipus ANEL Elevation and Protection (1 piece )

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They simultaneously solve two problems: - Elevate the hive from the ground level, facilitating the beekeeper’s work. - Provide protection from crawling bugs, as they cannot enter the hive. You can also add repellant fluid (like petrol) or adhesive (like oil or grease) in the special tray. Any creature trying to cross Vrahipus will be trapped in place. The Hive Legs Vrahipus are designed to snap together; thus, you can add as many as necessary, to adjust the desired height. PROTECT YOUR HIVES FROM AETHINA TUMIDA ! The legs can be perfectly combined with bee pollen collection set ref. AN57100 or other entrance pollen collector, to protect your collected pollen from unwanted “visitors”. - TIP: To fasten the Hive Legs Vrahipus on an ANEL bottom board, you must first unscrew the bottom board bases (feet) and then snap Vrahipus in place. The bases snap very easily on the bottom of the Vrahipus feet. - TIP: To fasten them on wooden bottom boards or brood chambers, use screws that are 1cm longer compared to the wood. You will need 4 screws for each leg.
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Beehive doors Plastic for Bottom Boards ANEL Set of Two YELLOW

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Replacement doors for ANEL mobile bottom board. A set of two doors come with an ANEL bottom board, but can also be bought separately. Suitable for securing the entrance during transport, as well as for protecting the entrance. Prevent bugs larger than 8 mm from entering the hive. They even offer protection against small yellow wasps, as they provide a "fortified" position for defence. Equipped with special pin on the back, locking them in place so that they remain stable during transport. No further securing required. To open, slightly pull the handle and then push upwards. You can leave one door open and the other closed, limiting the entrance of the hive. Available in yellow and blue, thus limiting disorientation of bees.
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