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Dimensions (Item): 28.00 x 02.30 x 00.50 cm
Weight: 76.00 g
Items / Package: 1
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Queen Excluder Injected With Two Entrances Plastic PP ANEL

SKU: AN51401C

Queen Excluder Injected with Two Entrances Plastic PP ANEL

Item Description: Queen Excluder with Two Entrances protected from wasps, Perimetric frame, Partitions for combination with vertical dividers for multiple colonies or other uses.

Properties - Uses:

It is used like all queen excluders interposed between the brood-chamber and the honey-chambers.

The doors open and close at will and you can have them applied to the hives during transport.

The perimetric frame makes it possible to use it as a double queen excluder by placing a single excluder on top of it.

Internal partitions offer a guide to be combined with vertical dividers to confine the queen even within a frame in order to:

· Treat (e.g. for Varroa) in a controlled brood environment.

· Limit the brood before flowering.

· Multiply colonies.

· Combine it with a common excluder in the upper part to turn into a double excluder. So, you have one queen up and one on the bottom.

· Combine it with a common excluder for multiplication: In this case you do the same thing as the vertical divider, but you put the entrances of the excluder facing the opposite side from the doors of the brood-chamber.

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Queen Rearing Bar Double ANEL (1 piece)

SKU: AN65210-1
The queen rearing bar works in two positions. On one side it has 13 cells (bee queen rearing) and on the other 40 (royal jelly). Incorporating cells on which you can perform grafting directly (for royal jelly). Special detachable cells are applied onto the bar and facilitate bee queen rearing, while special protectors can be fixed on the cells to prevent interaction between the queens. These protectors can also be used as cages to transport/introduce queens.
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€0.57 incl tax

Swarm Attractant Wipe Allure 1 piece

SKU: AN66044
*For distribution outside of Greece and Cyprus please see *
The new Swarm Attractant Wipes of the Allure Series from ANEL! An ideal solution in the difficult period of swarming! You can just open a hole in the top of the package (where it is marked) and hang it in a branch of a tree near or wherever you want to lure the swarm. Alternatively you can place the wipes inside an empty hive on top of the frames.
€0.72 excl tax
€0.89 incl tax
For distribution outside of Greece and Cyprus see