SKU: YT10105
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Dimensions (Item): 26.00 x 4.00 x 00.30 cm
Weight: 153.00 g
Items / Package: 1
€2.60 excl tax
€3.22 incl tax
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Entrance Feeder ANEL 1 kg Langstroth & Dadant

SKU: AN30011ST
A plastic entrance feeder of great sturdiness. Resistant to the sun and harsh weather. Easy to use and apply in the hive without having to open the hive cover. Manufactured by food-grade plastic. It is available in two sizes: 1kg and 1,8 kg.
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Queen Catcher Clip

SKU: YW65620
After locating the queen, these catchers will help you grasp it without injuring it. Open the catcher and place it in the area where the queen is located. When you close the clip the worker bees will go through the gaps but the queen will not.
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Top Feeder ANEL ECO 10 Frame cap, 7,5kg Langstroth & Dadant

SKU: AN30024
The low-budget solution for the the roof feeder. The only thing that changes is the durability of the plastic when exposed to the sun. If you don't expose the feeders in the sun you will have no problem. The professional roof feeder, the ultimate tool for bee feeding, offers the following: • Provides insulation of the inside of the hive in cold and hot weather. • When you fill the feeder, you do not disturb the bees, since they are completely isolated behind the divides. • Whatever the inclination of your hive might be the bees can consume all the syrup. • Suitable for liquid (syrup) and solid (bee candy) feed. You will never again have the leaks experienced with wooden feeders. • Fits into the lid and does not alter the hive height. • Has vent holes to allow humidity to escape the hive. • Requires absolutely no maintenance. Built from very durable material
€5.30 excl tax
€6.57 incl tax