SKU: YW65212
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Dimensions (Item): Ø 03.10 x 07.50 cm
Weight: 6.00 g
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Queen Introduction Shipping Cage ANEL

SKU: AN65620
ANEL Queen mailing and introduction cages. A very simple, safe and easy way to transport and introduce the queen. With room providing “safe feeling” to the queen. With adjustable release speed. Snaps on top of one another for safe transport. When importing, you can hang them between the frames or nail them on a frame with their special “feet”.
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Queen Rearing Bar Double ANEL (1 piece)

SKU: AN65210-1
The queen rearing bar works in two positions. On one side it has 13 cells (bee queen rearing) and on the other 40 (royal jelly). Incorporating cells on which you can perform grafting directly (for royal jelly). Special detachable cells are applied onto the bar and facilitate bee queen rearing, while special protectors can be fixed on the cells to prevent interaction between the queens. These protectors can also be used as cages to transport/introduce queens.
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Royal Jelly Harvesting Spoon

SKU: YW65450
With soft edge for collection on one end and spoon to extract larvae on the other.
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