Beehive Mobile Bottom Board Ventilated Wooden Langstroth

SKU: PU51002
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Dimensions (Package): 56.00 x 45.00 x 68.00 cm
Dimensions (Item): 42x56x8 cm
Weight: 2.65 Kg
Items / Pallete: 99
Items / Package: 8
€8.50 excl tax
€10.54 incl tax
Ξύλινος πάτος κυψέλης κινητός, αεριζόμενος με σήτα και συρτάρι Lng.
Ξύλινος πάτος κυψέλης κινητός, αεριζόμενος με σήτα και συρτάρι Lng.
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Beehive legs ANEL for wooden Beehives (set 2 pcs,)

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The contact of wood with the ground means high humidity and an environment where microorganisms and insects can develop, decomposing the wood and ruining your hive. If you have hives with wooden bases or brood chambers, sooner or later you will run into the problem of rotting wood. ANEL plastic legs for wooden hives are inserted between the ground and the hive wooden bottom, reducing humidity. Mounted easily and securely with screws.
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