SKU: AN30029
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Dimensions (Item): 25,40 x 20.50 x 0,30 cm
Weight: 60.00 g
Items / Package: 155
€0.48 excl tax
€0.60 incl tax
Floater for the top feeder ref. AN30028.
Floater for the top feeder ref. AN30028.
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Can be fastened with screws on the hive cover under the feeding cap or simply placed on the frames. Simple to use. You will need to add a floater (ref.AN30029) or alternative floating materials such as wood, net etc.
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Beehive Fasteners Galvanized Wire type straight shaped

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Προστατεύουν το ξύλο από τη φθορά που προκαλεί το ξέστρο κατά τις επιθεωρήσεις.
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