Artikelnummer: SHCHBT220V-7.4V-2A
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Dimensions (Package): 7,50 x 5,00 x 9,00 cm
Dimensions (Item): 7.00 x 4.50 x 8.50
Items / Package: 1
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Charger 220V 2A (for common household sockets). The ends are for European sockets, if you are in another country you should get the corresponding converter. This particular charger is for 7.4V batteries.
Charger 220V 2A (for common household sockets). The ends are for European sockets, if you are in another country you should get the corresponding converter. This particular charger is for 7.4V batteries.
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Artikelnummer: AN1040VAP

Lasts up to 3 hours per piece.

Before use, refer to our website by scanning the QR Code for any updates.

To avoid creating a flame-fire hazard when using the Cool Smoke pellets.


• When combined with Cool Smoke pellets don’t let the smoker stay idle/untouched, without blowing air for more than 15 minutes.

• Shake the device lightly every 5-10 minutes.

• When 50% of the pellets turn black you should replace them.

• When more than 50% of the pellets are black, the extinguishing capacity of the material has decreased and should be replaced.

• Be very careful when emptying the pellets as they are still hot and if they come in contact with flammable materials (for example: dry grass) a fire may occur.

• Before emptying the contents of the smoker make sure they have come to room temperature.

• The device must under no circumstances be left unattended during operation.

• Do not lay the device to the right, left, backwards or more than 45° forwards.


One device for 3 uses:

1. Vapor

2. Hybrid vapor with the smell of burning wood

3. Conventional smoke

applied to the bees during the beekeepers' visits to the apiary.

The device is designed to work:

1) As a vaporizer combined with the VaporPads ref… AN1040VAP Vapor Producing Material that produces vapor with the common method of heating vaporizing materials.

2) As a hybrid vaporizer combined with the CoolSmoke Hybrid Vaporizing Material ref... AN1040CS a patented formula of ANEL that produces vapor with the smell of burning wood, making it more effective for bees.

3) As a smoker in combination with conventional smoking materials for their safe ignition with the lid of the device closed instead of using a match or lighter.

Both VaporPad and CoolSmoke contain substances that have been used for decades in various forms in beekeeping. Both products have successfully passed extensive tests for effect on bees or residues in honey both in the laboratory and in apiaries.

Both VP and CS contain extinguishing agents that prevent flame development. Their use according to the instructions for use is extremely safe and does not pose a risk of fire when they are used according to the instructions for use of the device.

Even in the use of conventional smoking materials (e.g. pine needles), due to the fact that the ignition of the materials takes place entirely in a closed environment, it becomes safer than conventional smokers.

The device is available in 2 different amperage versions, ANELVPSM-01/3.7/6-ST and ANELVPSM-01/7.4/6-ST. Depending on the use you want to use, consult the table below.


How to choose a battery:

We recommend using the 3.7V for the best safety even during the warm months of summer when fire danger is high. Combine only with the CoolSmoke material. The vapor produce will be on the lighter side. Can also be used to light any other traditional material like a normal smoker.

Use the 7.4V for a lot and thick smoke in combination with the VaporPads for safe use in warm months when fire danger is high or with CoolSmoke for the rest of the months of the year. Can also be used to light any other traditional material like a normal smoker.


Use to initiate combustion of conventional materials:

All batteries can be used to start burning common materials. The higher the Volts (V) the sooner the combustion starts. Indicative times for use with dry pine needles are as follows:

3.7V: 20-60”

7.4V: 10-30”

11.1V: 5-10”



The photo of the chargers and batteries is indicative and may differ from what you will receive.

It lasts 1 - 1:30 hours depending on its use.

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Electirc Smoker Battery 7.4V 6000mAh With Fireproof Bag

Artikelnummer: SHVBT7.4V-6Α-C-1
The batteries are Lithium Ion (Li-ion) equipped with a critical discharge protection mechanism and have the following characteristics: ·Lithium Battery 7.4V 6000mAh. · They are kept charged for years, · You don't have to wait for them to be completely empty to recharge them · If you store them charged, you extend their life. · Although they are capable of withstanding 1000 recharge cycles after 200-300 charges, their capacity decreases gradually (they are still functional but with less operating time). Connect the charger to a suitable outlet and then connect the battery plug to the charger plug. Extra Fireproof Bag.
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Schwarm Lockstoff Tucher Allure 1 Stück

Artikelnummer: AN66044
*Weitere Informationen zum Vertrieb außerhalb Griechenlands und Zyperns finden Sie unter *
Locken Sie während dieser schwierigen Schwarmzeit die Schwärme mit ANELs neuen Schwarmlockstofftüchern an! Stechen Sie einfach ein Loch in die angegebene Stelle oben in der Verpackung und hängen Sie sie an einen Ast in der Nähe Ihrer Bienenbeute oder wo immer Sie den Schwarm anlocken möchten. Alternativ können Sie mit leeren Bienenstöcken Fallen stellen. Einfach die Oberseite der Verpackung abreißen und das Tuch am Bienenstockeingang platzieren. Sie können auch ein offenes Lockstofftuch auf eine Rähmchenbasis in den leeren Bienenstock legen und den oberen Deckel schließen.
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For distribution outside of Greece and Cyprus see