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Stahl Imkerdraht. Er weitet sich nicht aus, so dass die Bienenwabe gerade und sicher gehalten wird. Ideal um den Draht an den Rahmen anzubringen mit einem Verkabelungsbrett wie PO50002. In Rollen von 2 Kg.
Stahl Imkerdraht. Er weitet sich nicht aus, so dass die Bienenwabe gerade und sicher gehalten wird. Ideal um den Draht an den Rahmen anzubringen mit einem Verkabelungsbrett wie PO50002. In Rollen von 2 Kg.
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Neuer ANEL Eingangs-, Lüftungs- und Zufuhrstecker

Artikelnummer: AN51672EV
An innovative new ANEL Product! This is the New Hybrid ANEL Entrance, Ventilation & Feeding Plug.
Multiple uses:
• Ventilation screen and/or feeding plug.
• If you rotate the mechanism, with a simple CLICK, it turns into a small safety entrance for bees.
• Remove the mechanism altogether and you can use it as big entrance or a feeding plug.
To apply it in your beehive you will need:
• A drill with a 43mm hole saw
• Four 3,5 x 13mm screws
• A Polyurethane Sealant
We apply the PU sealant in the inner surface of the plug. We follow the same steps for a wooden beehive. The new ANEL plug is of larger diameter than the previous model. To replace the older model with the new plug you will need a 43mm cylindrical drill. The new plug comes with a hinge and opens sideways. It is advised to open it with a hive tool while holding it from the top, or by hand using our thumbnails. Due to opening sideways the plug cannot be closed by the wind. Position the lid in 90 degrees from the body to remove it. This is very useful because a potential thief will need special equipment.
The new ANEL Entrance, Ventilation & Feeding Plug can be used in many ways. As a feeding plug on the top cover, as ventilation or entrance in the frontside / backside of the top cover, as a small entrance on the side of the beehive protecting the bees from potential enemies, as ventilation on the sides, or as a big hive entrance. An alternative beehive entrance is very important. In case of plunder we leave the small entrance open so that only few bees can come in and the intruders can be handled. We close the front doors and lead the bees on the alternative entrance which the already know and use. For even more drastic measures if we want to prevent plunder, we just seal the plugs on the top cover.
Some other examples of how to use the New ANEL Entrance, Ventilation & Feeding Plug. During spring if we want to use a second hive body, it is very useful to have a second entrance in the upper hive body for beehive decongestion. A second entrance also helps bees collect honey easier, especially if we use a queen excluder.
Also, during spring if we have a ten-frame beehive that is in the process of swarming, we can divide it and have two independent swarms. Half of the frames can be transferred to a new hive body. We use a fabric cover to prevent pheromones from mixing and a queen excluder to keep the two queens away from each other. We place the new hive body on top. The original swarm uses the front entrance, while the new one uses the entrance on the back.
If we want to have 2 swarms in a single beehive, we can provide them two independent entrances from both sides. We keep them divided in two with the help of the ANEL vertical beehive divider. We can also have 3 swarms in the same beehive with the use of 2 dividers. This swarm uses the entrance on the right, this one uses the entrance on the left and the middle swarm uses the entrance on the back. In that case we will need a top feeder to keep them separated and feed them independently with syrup or candy.
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Beutenverschlüße verzinkt verstellbar verstärkt

Artikelnummer: PZ51810
Verstärkte verstellbare Beutenverschlüße. Die klassischen verstellbaren Beutenverschlüße. Verstellbar, sodass sie in verschiedenen Höhen einschnappen können (z.B. wenn eine Trennplatte zwischen zwei Ebenen eingeführt wird). Sie sind mit Sicherheit die bekanntesten Verschlüsse in Griechenland. Verzinkt um Rosten zu vermeiden.
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Mittelwände aus natürlichem Wachs (Paket 100 Stk.)- Einzelpreis

Artikelnummer: AN5080XL
Injected honeycomb foundation sheets of A quality from pure Greek beeswax. Place them in your frames as a base, so that the bees can then build them with their own wax.
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