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Ισογλυκόζη Υψηλής Φρουκτόζης 24 % Χύμα.
Ισογλυκόζη Υψηλής Φρουκτόζης 24 % Χύμα.
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Cera de abeja natural de las materias de desoperculación de origen griego

SKU: AN55100
Natural beeswax from cappings of Greek producers. We offer beeswax of high quality and purity. Most of the raw material is produced through regeneration of black honeycomb in our facilities, so we are absolutely sure of its origin! The wax is available in 2-8 Kg plates and 100-200 gr molds. The charge is by weight. The wax produced by uncapping is recommended for wax paste.
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€12,43 con impuestos
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Cuadro con barras de extremo PP ANEL sin montar

Unassembled special beekeeping frame which bears plastic bars left and right in order to withstand time, rough use and high speeds in the honey extractor. WARNING: it is suitable only for the insertion of plastic honeycomb foundations. The wooden laths on the top and bottom have openings where the plastic foundation is inserted just by pushing it with the hand. So forget about applying wire on your frames! Buy the plastic foundations and the frames ready from ANEL or build them yourself if you have the proper tools.
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€1,39 con impuestos