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Automatic Uncapping and Honey Extracting Line K

Αυτόματη γραμμή απολεπισμού και εξαγωγής μελιού 60 πλαισίων από την Konigin.

Uncapping Extracting Automatic line 50 frame

SKU: PY61591
Automation of work reduces the production cost. Time is money! With automatic lines you drastically reduce your working time while avoiding lifting of heavy objects. Modernization is the answer to the competition! We can supply you with machines that will enable you to harvest over 2 tns of honey in 8 hours, while the work is automated to the point that you get the honey already stored in containers, and chippings already squeezed. All this with only two employees! This is strictly professional equipment. You simply feed the uncapping unit with frames. After uncapping, it will push them to the feeder. The feeder is equipped with a pusher thanks to which you can very easily fill the honey extractor. The extractor rotates vertically and, utilizing the Bernoulli effect, removes the honey from the honeycombs. The empty frames come out of the honey extractor automatically, pushed by the incoming frames (for the next cycle), and are collected on the collection ramp. The chippings are immediately processed through the chippings squeezer.

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