SKU: ANB1376
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Dimensions (Item): 17.00x24.00x1.00 cm
Weight: 0,35 Kg
Items / Package: 1
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Βιβλίο Όλα για το μέλι "Θανάσης Μπίκος"
Βιβλίο Όλα για το μέλι "Θανάσης Μπίκος"
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Números magnéticos (paquete de 0-9x1)

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Números magnéticos: numerando sus colmenas FÁCIL, RÁPIDO Y FLEXIBLE - Elemento magnético potente integrado
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Pollen Collector Set for ANEL Bottom Boards

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Yet another reason to purchase ANEL detachable bottom boards! With this set you can convert ANEL bottom boards into pollen collectors any time you wish. Its gaps for pollen entrapment have the same shape with those of the classic ANEL collector, not injuring the bees. Pollen is collected in the special trays included in the set. The trays snap and unsnap easily from the front, without the need to move the hive.
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Eucalyptus Essential oils 10ml

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Αιθέρια έλαια για να προσθέσετε στις κρέμες σας, τα καλλυντικά σας ή για να τα χρησιμοποιήσετε όπως εσείς επιθυμείτε.
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