Foundation Plastic PS ANEL 420*212mm Langstroth (or Cut Smaller) cell d5.6 Unwaxed

SKU: AN51761PS
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Dimensiones (Paquete): 44,00 x 23,00 x 22,00 cm
Dimensiones (Artículo): 42.00 x 21.20 x 00.40 cm
Peso: 175,00 g
Artículos / Palet: 4000
Artículos / Paquete: 50
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Foundation Plastic PS ANEL 420*212mm Langstroth (or Cut Smaller) cell d5.6 Unwaxed
Foundation Plastic PS ANEL 420*212mm Langstroth (or Cut Smaller) cell d5.6 Unwaxed
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Lámina de Plástico PS ANEL sin cera celdad5.6 Dadant 278x405

*CAN BE CUT TO ANY SMALLER DIMENSION YOU WISH - CONTACT US! ANEL plastic honeycomb foundation, printed with absolute hexagons (5.6 mm). There is no need for riveting and applying wire on the frames anymore! They can be applied on normal wooden frames that have a slit on the upper and lower part. You can purchase these frames from us, otherwise, with the right tools and very little effort, shape your own existing frames so they can accept the plastic honeycomb foundations.
ANEL plastic honeycomb foundations and frames will not be affected by wax moth. They will remain sturdy and you can use higher speeds in the honey extractor without destroying the honeycomb. Particularly useful for tight honey types. All ANEL plastic honeycomb foundations can come unwaxed or waxed. If you want to wax the foundations yourself you can either dip them in molten wax at a temperature of 60-70ºC or wax them with the help of a roll that you dive into the wax. Made of food-grade plastic. TIP: The ANEL plastic honeycomb foundation can be disinfected in 5% caustic potash solution at 80ºC..
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Fondo sanitario Colmena ANEL Hybrid Langstroth Ventilado (Anti-Varroa) (1 juego de puertas incluido)

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Base móvil ANEL Resistencias increíbles incluso en el uso más duro. Con cinco puntos de estabilización del suelo. Con tacos de especial material antideslizante y atornillados en la base. De esa manera, las colmenas no se deslizan cuando están en el remolque del camión durante el traslado y los tacos no se despegan de los pies. Se acompañan con puertas de protección y traslado muy prácticas. Se conectan con el piso con cuatro maneras diferentes: 1. Con conectores regulables en la parte frontal y trasera. 2. Con conectores de alambre a derecha e izquierda. 3. De rosca. Hay receptores especiales para atornillarse permanentemente en el suelo. 4. Con cintas de conexión las que pueden quitar después de la colocación de las colmenas para desanimar a los ladrones.
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Alimentador de cuadro con flotadores Dad 4kg Dadant US/ES

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In the 1970s, Mr. Emmanuel Pantelakis, founder of ANEL, designed and built this revolutionary type feeder. This invention has received a Silver Award from APIMONDIA. The only feeder that fills from bottom to top. There is no need to empty it of bees before filling it. • Special plastic floaters, right and left, protect the bees from drowning. • The inner walls have indentations to allow the bees to easily climb up. • Ideal for feeding in hives where queen rearing is applied. TIP: In winter you can use it to narrow the space available to the bees and insulate the colony from the side.
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