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Wick for the candle molds.
Wick for the candle molds.
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Conectores regulables bajos

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Conectores regulables Los clásicos conectores regulables de colmena. Son regulables para poder atar en alturas diferentes (ej. Cuando ponemos un excluidor entre dos bases). Sin duda son los conectores más famosos en Grecia. Galvanizados para no oxidarse.
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Números magnéticos (1 pieza)

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Números magnéticos: numerando sus colmenas FÁCIL, RÁPIDO Y FLEXIBLE - Elemento magnético potente integrado
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Frame with Plastic Frame End Bars PP ANEL and Plastic Honeycomb Foundation Waxed Ready for Use Lng Hoffman

At ANEL we use a special machine to wax the plastic foundations which guarantees a perfect spread of the wax on the whole surface of the foundation, which in turn means that the bees will built on the foundation easily and fast. The plastic foundation is attached to a special frame which uses plastic end bars on the right and left side. This makes the frame sturdy, strong and longlasting. The wooden laths on the top and bottom have openings where the plastic foundation is inserted just by pushing it with the hand. So forget about applying wire on your frames! Buy the plastic foundations and the frames ready from ANEL or build the yourself if you have the proper tools.
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