Illegal Chinese copies in the EU market

Dear beekeepers,

It has come to our attention that Chinese manufacturing companies are producing faithful copies of ANEL products and taking advantage of our good reputation are funneling them in the European market. The most recent product they have copied is our patented Propolis Collection Screen.

 Our company, in order to manufacture and distribute a product, bears the cost of research and development and repeated experiments to ensure the quality and proper function of a product and all other costs that come with. We also make sure we follow all EU regulations for manufacturing food-grade plastic equipment that is suitable for your bees, your health and the health of your clients who will consume your beekeeping products.

 Apart from being illegal, it is also unfair if any beekeeping suppliers and shops exploit these facts and distribute counterfeit products.

 Advertising, importing and selling protected products, like the ANEL Propolis Collection Screen, is forbidden in European Union. Such practices undermine the development of new and innovative products and apart from defaming our company, they cause enormous losses for which we will be forced to seek compensation from those involved in such illegal activities.

 We are committed to taking legal action in order to safeguard our company’s interest in order to continue to develop, produce and distribute reliable products that benefit the growth of apiculture.

 Beekeepers, say NO to the illegal copies and these cheap practices. If you realize that such copies are being distributed in your area please inform us and we will reward you. Your help is valuable.

 All genuine ANEL products bear the ANEL logo and are manufactured in EU – Greece. 

ANEL Propolis Collection Screen



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