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Syringe for bee venom suction

Codice SKU: AV85001

From the first bite and for all types of bites, for the prevention and reduction of itching, pain, and unpleasant allergic reactions, there is a fast, effective, and practical solution: ASPIVENIN® - IMMEDIATE ACTION for ALL bites WITHOUT MEDICINE!

It is not for single use!


The ASPIVENIN® first aid device painlessly absorbs the venom, thanks to the vacuum that is created on the surface of the skin, 10 times more effective than sucking the venomous substance with the mouth.

The suction is created by completely pressing down the plunger of the pump, which maintains a constant pressure for as long as it is applied. This way, a significant amount of the venom at the site of the bite is effectively removed, and the local allergic reaction is reduced.

Also, the constant pressure of ASPIVENIN® prevents further circulation of the venomous substance from the bite site.


For every case of bites from, for example, scorpions, wasps, bees, hornets (serseni / sersengas), mosquitoes, jellyfish, ticks, venomous fish (dragonfish, scorpionfish, etc.), plants, etc., use it as quickly as possible.

For better effectiveness, it is recommended to use it within 3 minutes after the bite.

ATTENTION: The use of ASPIVENIN® does not replace the immediate and mandatory advice of a doctor, which remains necessary in case of a serious reaction from poisonous bites/stings.

Its use is contraindicated when the bite is on the eyelids or genitals and in the oral mucosa.

Do not try to remove the bee's sting before using ASPIVENIN®. The sting acts as a channel to pull the poison with ASPIVENIN®.


What is CE marking? The CE marking on a product certifies that the product complies with the requirements determined by EU legislation and indicates that the product can legally circulate in the market. The responsibility for the compliance of the product and therefore the CE marking lies with the manufacturer.

The ASPIVENIN® suction pump is certified as a medical device: 93/42/EEC.

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