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Dimensioni (Pacco): 20,00 x 13,00 x 28,00 cm
Dimensioni (Articolo): 26.50 x 12.50 x27.00 cm
Peso: 850,00 g
Pezzi / Pacco: 1
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•INOX Body
•Protective screen
•Protective sieve on the cover
•Fire protection
•Leather blower



•INOX Body
•Protective screen
•Protective sieve on the cover
•Fire protection
•Leather blower

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Queen Excluder Injected With Two Entrances Plastic PP ANEL

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Queen Excluder Injected with Two Entrances Plastic PP ANEL

Item Description: Queen Excluder with Two Entrances protected from wasps, Perimetric frame, Partitions for combination with vertical dividers for multiple colonies or other uses.

Properties - Uses:

It is used like all queen excluders interposed between the brood-chamber and the honey-chambers.

The doors open and close at will and you can have them applied to the hives during transport.

The perimetric frame makes it possible to use it as a double queen excluder by placing a single excluder on top of it.

Internal partitions offer a guide to be combined with vertical dividers to confine the queen even within a frame in order to:

· Treat (e.g. for Varroa) in a controlled brood environment.

· Limit the brood before flowering.

· Multiply colonies.

· Combine it with a common excluder in the upper part to turn into a double excluder. So, you have one queen up and one on the bottom.

· Combine it with a common excluder for multiplication: In this case you do the same thing as the vertical divider, but you put the entrances of the excluder facing the opposite side from the doors of the brood-chamber.

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Honey Deeper Thin INOX (1pc)

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The traditional stick to pick honey from a vase now and INOX.
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Beehive Door Plastic "Easy Click" for ANEL Bottom Boar, SET of 2pcs (Blue and Yellow)

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A New ANEL Product! The NEW Doors Easy Click for ANEL Bottom Boards open and close with the use of the levers on both sides with a simple CLICK while they also have special safety bolts to stay in the position you choose. They can be easily removed and repositioned, giving you the option of a large entrance to the beehive. They can be easily placed on the bottom boards and come with special edges that help them remain firmly on your bottom boards. They provide security for beehive transportation. For even greater stability and safety they can be screwed to the hive body. They are ideal for both mobile and stationary apiaries. They do not corrode or get damaged by the sun or any weather conditions. Made from high quality 100% new and virgin food grade plastic.
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