Артикул: MK77332
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Weight: 2,00 Kg
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NEW Propolis Collection Screen ANEL with Holes for Feeding

Артикул: AN58001A-1
The NEW ANEL propolis collection screen bears two holes that you can choose to open if you want to put solid food on top (bee candy). Thus, you will be able to feed the bees and at the same time they will not stop the collection of propolis. The sides of the holes also lift the center of the screen up so it does not bend in the center and the bees can fill all the screen evenly.
Propolis is a very promising product with a very good price, which may contribute to your income without requiring much effort or time. The propolis collection screens are placed on the hive top floor, below the cover.
There should be some space left above the propolis collection screen and the hive cover so that air current is generated from which the bees will try to protect themselves by filling the screen with propolis. To keep the required gap you can use the two spacers attached to the side of the screen which are foldable. Propolis can be extracted from the screens after you place it in the freezer for 5 minutes and then shake or rub the propolis with a piece of wood or your hand.
The screen can collect 60 to 80gr when full within 10-15 days. Usually applied in spring and autumn - a good year can give you around 400gr per beehive. All these results can vary depending on the race of the bees, the beehive, the fauna and the time of year.
Screen dimensions: 420x510mm - can be cut to any smaller dimensions you wish!
Gaps dimensions: 20,5x2,5mm
Weight: 0,264kg
Material: Polyethylene (PE), Food Grade
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€2,28 с налогами

Плоточки Роениев 1шт

Артикул: AN66042
Салфетки для роениевANEL - идеальное решение для сложного периода роениев! Вы можете просто открыть небольшое отверстие в верхней части пакета (где бы оно ни указывалось) и повесить его на небольшую высоту ветки, куда вы хотите направить выпуск. В качестве альтернативы вы можете поместить ткань в улей наверху балок, которые будут очищены от пчел.
€0,60 без налогов
€0,74 с налогами

Natrual Wax Foundation Sheets (package of 100pcs) - price of 1 sheet

Артикул: MK51000001
€0,80 без налогов
€0,99 с налогами