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Dimensions (Item): 11x15x cm
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An easy way to decorate and label your jar. Can be ordered with your contact details printed on, as well as capacity and expiration date.
An easy way to decorate and label your jar. Can be ordered with your contact details printed on, as well as capacity and expiration date.
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Disk Entrance Adjustable Red ANEL

To install the disk, you must open a 30-40mm hole on the beehive side. The disk is installed on the hive by passing a screw through the disc center. It features 4 positions/“settings”: (i) completely closed, (ii) completely open, (iii) bee queen excluder and (iv) protection from hornets. TIP: Can be used for multiplication and merging of colonies. Making a 4 cm hole and installing two discs on a wooden sheet with same dimensions as the beehive, allows you, by changing disc “settings” to use the structure for queen separation (exclusion) and merging of colonies: first leave the discs at “completely closed” position with ventilation for 1-2 days, allowing the transfer of smell between the two colonies; then turn both discs to “queen excluder” position, thus allowing communication of the bees, while the queens keep giving birth without being able to contact/harm each other (as the discs/excluders are placed in between the two different floors created by the installation of the wood/disc structure).
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Pollen Collector Hive Entrance Type ANEL BIG GUY With Drawer

This is a larger version of the classic ANEL pollen collector. Thus, you get ALL the advantages multiplied! More than two times larger pollen collection area. Larger flight board on the tray. Larger rain cover. Better drawer attachment so that it is not affected by wind or bugs. With specially designed gaps that do not injure the bees while retaining 60% of the pollen so that there is no danger of pollen deprivation for the hive. PLUS ... it features an incredibly simple way of attachment to the ANEL-PCCLIP hive. It has two points of protrusion, right and left, that are pushed in the hive entrance; the collector is supported on these two points. The classic ANEL collector has become famous all over the world. We are confident that you will love the new ANEL BIG GUY collector the way you loved the old one. Please be on alert for counterfeits! The great success and effectiveness of ANEL products drive competitors to produce nearly identical copies to fool you! But the difference from counterfeits is in the manufacturing details. Counterfeits are only externally similar, while being of questionable quality and efficiency (if not dangerous). Genuine ANEL collectors, as well as all other company products, carry the ANEL brand.
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Caustic Soda 1Kg

Για την απολύμανση του υλικού σας. Διαλύεται σε αναλογία 5-10% σε νερό. Το βραστό διάλυμα είναι κατάλληλο για να απολυμάνει οτιδήποτε εμβαπτιστεί στο εσωτερικό του για 10 λεπτά. Προσοχή!!! Είναι εξαιρετικά διαβρωτικό, καυστικό και εκλύει δηλητηριώδη – τοξικά αέρια. Η χρήση του θα πρέπει να γίνεται σε εξωτερικούς ή πολύ καλά αεριζόμενους χώρους και θα πρέπει να φοράτε πάντα κατάλληλα γάντια, και προστατευτικά γυαλιά με κάλυμμα προσώπου. Πολλά υλικά μπορεί να διαβρωθούν- καταστραφούν με την εμβάπτιση. Εάν δεν είστε σίγουροι κάντε πρώτα δοκιμή σε ένα μικρό κομμάτι.
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