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Weight: 1.00 Kg
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Σταγονόμετρο Φιαλιδίου φ18 h73.
Σταγονόμετρο Φιαλιδίου φ18 h73.
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Glass bottle 30ml 18d without lid

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Φιαλίδια για να τοποθετήσετε υγρά, όπως βάμμα πρόπολης σε διάφορες χωρητικότητες.
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Beehive doors Plastic for Bottom Boards ANEL BLUE

SKU: AN51003B
Replacement doors for ANEL mobile bottom board. A set of two doors come with an ANEL bottom board, but can also be bought separately. Suitable for securing the entrance during transport, as well as for protecting the entrance. Prevent bugs larger than 8 mm from entering the hive. They even offer protection against small yellow wasps, as they provide a "fortified" position for defence. Equipped with special pin on the back, locking them in place so that they remain stable during transport. No further securing required. To open, slightly pull the handle and then push upwards. You can leave one door open and the other closed, limiting the entrance of the hive. Available in yellow and blue, thus limiting disorientation of bees.
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Royal Jelly Jar 10ml φ22 without lid

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Βάζο Βασιλικού Πολτού Γυάλινο 10ml φ22 χωρίς καπάκι.
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€0.25 incl tax