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Weight: 1.00 Kg
Items / Package: 1
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Κάνουλα Συσκευασίας INOX 1 1/2".
Κάνουλα Συσκευασίας INOX 1 1/2".
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Beehive Vertical Divider - Queen Excluder Adjustable ANEL Langstroth

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Combines well with the entrance cap (ref.AN51670) or the side entrance tray (ref.AN51676) so that each section has its own entrance, turning any hive into two 5-frame or three 3-frame hives. To block the passage of the queen over the vertical barrier, you can use queen excluders (ref.AN51401-4). If you want to block the communication of worker bees as well (in case of three-hive units) you can use the propolis collection screen (ref.AN58001). • TIP: Open a 4cm hole in the places where you want the entrances of the individual colony, apply the entrance plug and you are ready. Your hive has now been equipped with extra entrances which may be useful in the future, even as ventilation ports during hot months.
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Beekeeping Gloves Soft Leather

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Γάντια μελισσοκομίας μαλακά όπου σας βοηθούν να δουλεύετε στα μελίσσια αποφέυγοντας τα κεντρίσματα, ενώ συγχρόνως σας επιτρέπουν να κάνετε λεπτές κινήσεις με ιδιαίτερη ευκολία.
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