SKU: SY10111-1
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Dimensions (Package): 26.00 x 5.00 x 7.00 cm
Dimensions (Item): 24x4x3
Items / Package: 10
€7.00 excl tax
€8.68 incl tax
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Queen Excluder Injected Plastic PP ANEL

SKU: AN51401A
Much lighter than metal excluders which makes them easier to carry, install and collect at the apiary. Perfect gaps that do not injure the bees. Just 3 mm thick so that the floor connectors can be fastened. Also available with integrated plastic frame with entrances (ref. AN51405) that allows addition of a second excluder, to combine two queens in the same hive. Resistant to oxalic or formic acid, or even steam (up to 119oC).
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Optional Floater for Top Feeder Eco ANEL

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Floater for the top feeder ref. AN30028.
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Beehive Handles Galvanized

SKU: BS51840
They certainly make transportation of hives easier. They give a good grip, reducing muscle effort and improving the body posture during hive transportation. Handles fall by themselves in vertical position to reduce the required volume during loading of hives. They are placed opposite to each other or diagonally.
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