First February inspection after overwintering

Beekeeping Practices, Tips & Methods / Beekeeping for Beginners.

We inspect a beehive for the first time after practices we followed before winter and we observe the progress of our bees.

Beehive compactness & orientation
Beekeeping practices for beginners.
Preparing for winter - Removing empty frames for compactness. Frames and beehive orientation.
Beehive inspection for pollen in autumn

Inspecting our bees for autumn pollen, very important for their overwintering.

Checking beehive readiness for harvest

Checking beehive readiness for harvest. Determining when our frames are ready for honey extraction.

Ιnspecting a queenless beehive that produced emergency cells

Watch in the video below an inspection of an queenless hive that produced emergency cells to breed new queen bees. Some of them have already hatched! Soon there will be a fierce battle for dominance between them!

How to unite two beehives with the Newspaper Method | Beekeeping Tips

Beekeeping Practices, Tips & Methods / Beekeeping for Beginners.  Watch in the video how to combine and unite two beehives with the Newspaper Method!

Research about the propolis of Samothraki, Greece with the use of ANEL propolis collection screens

An important research was published recently on the Chemistry and Biodiversity scientific Journal, concerning propolis. The research focuses on the quality and properties of propolis from the island of Samothraki, Greece and it was conducted for a two-year period (2016 – 2018). The researchers of the Aegean University and the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki gathered and analyzed 120 samples from this valuable beekeeping product, from 7 different regions of the island, during 4 different collection periods.